The key provisions of the FY24 NDAA

This week on Off the Shelf, Moshe Schwartz, president of Etherton & Associates, shares his insights and analysis of the key acquisition, supply chain, and industrial base provisions contained in the FY24 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Moshe Schwartz, president, Etherton and Associates

Schwartz gives some background on the key national security considerations that shaped the NDAA, with a particular focus on the Congressional concerns regarding the growing capabilities of near-peer adversaries and the overall threat profile.

He highlights the Congressional focus on revitalizing the industrial base and ensuring the integrity, resiliency, and capabilities of the supply chain that supports DoD and civilian agencies, and provides insights on the fiscal profile including the impact of continuing resolutions and the top-line budget numbers.

Finally, Schwartz gives an update on a series of other key provisions that will impact procurement.