The state of the interagency contracting market

This week on Off the Shelf, host Roger Waldron interviews Deloitte Managing Director Roger Sion, leader of the Enterprise Contract Vehicle G0-to-Market team in Deloitte’s Government & Public Services Sales Excellence organization.

Roger Sion, managing director, Deloitte

Sion shares his insights regarding the state of the interagency contracting market. He highlights the current role the portfolio IT GWACs and governmentwide professional services contract vehicles are playing in supporting customer agencies and providing opportunities for small, medium, and large businesses.

The discussion then turns to evaluation strategies and the transition from traditional best value cost/technical tradeoff to the current self-assessment point scoring model. Sion contrasts the two models and highlights how the point scoring approach increases opportunity and reduces acquisition costs and lead times.

Finally Sion also shares his thoughts on the role effective communication plays in the acquisition system.