Cleared Community Conference and the Latest in NatSec Pop Culture

Eric Pecinovsky, VP of marketing at is back on the podcast to discuss our upcoming Connect 2023. This is the third year for bringing together national security hiring professionals for the only event of its kind. Speakers this year include Tracy Walder, Sue Gordon, DCSA, ODNI, and a unique blend of government contractors and government agencies to discuss key issues affecting the national security community. Eric and Lindy discuss what to expect from the the conference, why it’s worth attending, and what you need to know.

And since Eric is the resident #natsec pop culture expert, they also decide to take a little detour to discuss Charlie Wilson’s War – take a spin down the security rabbit hole to learn tidbits about the film you probably didn’t notice the first time.

In the second half of the show, security clearance legal correspondent Sean Bigley and Lindy discuss some of the craziest cases they’ve seen come across through the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals.