Former FBI Agent Shares What Went Behind the Take Down of One of America’s Most Dangerous Spies

Ana Montes spied on behalf of communist Cuba for 17 years. A new book by former FBI agent Peter Lapp discusses how Montes was able to carry out as a dangerous insider for nearly two decades, and his own career journey with the FBI. In our interview, we discuss how the book outlines loyalties “from both sides of the equation,” and what took one person down a path to protecting and defending America’s interest, and how another chose to betray her country. Montes was recently released from prison, making it a timely discussion as those in national security continue to study what makes an insider.

In the second half of the program ClearanceJobs’ Lindy Kyzer and security clearance legal correspondent Sean Bigley discuss binge drinking and marijuana usage by middle-aged Americans – what that might mean for security clearance eligibility.