Healthcare Cybersecurity in the Spotlight

Healthcare is one of the most at risk elements of critical infrastructure. Brian Mazanec, Deputy Director, Office of Preparedness in the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response, chats with ClearanceJobs about how the Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) sectors are responding to the rising risks. He shares why healthcare professionals need to care about cybersecurity, the cascading risks a cybersecurity breach can have, and how preparedness can help make the healthcare sector more resilient to rising threats.

Addressing cybersecurity is truly an interagency effort, especially in the healthcare sector. The Department of Health and Human Resources is increasing its efforts and offerings to the public health community.

In the second half of the program, Sean Bigley security clearance legal correspondent and Lindy Kyzer of ClearanceJobs discuss the adjudicative guidelines. They discuss what are they, and why should security clearance holders know what they are. And of course, they discuss everyone’s favorite hot topic – the most talked about adjudicative guideline, drug use.