How to Improve Federal Hiring – a Conversation with Defense Unicorns

When you come across companies supporting the defense and intelligence community and doing it with a focus on innovation and company culture – you take notice. ClearanceJobs chats with Michaela Flatau, chief unicorn collector (i.e. ‘putting the human back in human resources’) for Defense Unicorns. Defense Unicorns is an innovative software development/delivery company, competing for the best tech talent with some of the hottest missions in government. Flatau shares her journey from government employee to government contractor, and what she sees as key struggles in the government hiring process.

In the second half of the show, ClearanceJobs’ Lindy Kyzer and legal correspondent Sean Bigley discuss the always hot topic of personal work on the company clock. How can this come up for clearance holders and applicants, and what should individuals be aware of?