How to take a holistic approach to addressing insider risk


More companies understand the risks of insider threats, but too many assume that addressing insider risk is a primarily government function. Trusted Workforce 2.0 has created continuous vetting and other solutions to help identify risks, sooner – but they’re not the only options companies have today. Given the average insider risk incident will cost a company nearly 10 million, a small investment could provide big benefits. ClearanceJobs chats with Andrew Razumovsky, principal at CANDA Solutions, a security, risk management, and agile methodology company. Their Fresh Haystack solution creates integrated risk management. Andrew discusses the changing technology involved in addressing insider risk and why it’s both a human and technology-centric problem. He also discusses the fallacy of assuming the government will address your insider threats for you.

In the second half of the show, ClearanceJobs’ Lindy Kyzer and legal correspondent Sean Bigley discuss the legalization of marijuana. New legislation aims to make it easier for feds who have used marijuana to join the government’s ranks – is there a future for the legislation, and what does it really mean for drug use in federal workers.