NASA and How Congress (Attempts) to Get a Rocket to the Moon – SCI Episode 26

Space is one of those topics that at least in theory unites Americans. We all love to watch a big rocket go boom – or up. But the devil is in the details, and the devil is certainly where we meet some of the issues that were recently uncovered in NASA’s attempted launch of the more than 4 billion dollar Artemis rocket.

To discuss Artemis, space, and the attempt to once again get to the moon and beyond, we are joined by David Brown. David is an author of several books including The Mission, and a regular ClearanceJobs contributor.

The first time I heard of the SLS launch was while reading your book the Mission, which was released in 2021 and is just recently out on paperback. That book is about Europa, the smallest of the four Gallilean moons orbiting jupiter, but it’s actually a book that speaks much more broadly to our space program, and how projects like SLS and Artemis come together. 

David was on site for the Artemis launch for both attempts – he unpacks the history of Artemis and what those who (may) see the rocket launch in the future could expect.

In the second half of the program Lindy Kyzer of ClearanceJobs and security clearance attorney Sean Bigley discuss the issue of dual citizenship for security clearance applicants. Contrary to popular opinion, dual citizenship isn’t an automatic disqualifier for obtaining a security clearance, and in many cases applicants can’t help their dual citizenship status.