Security Field Still Dominated by Men, But Sees More Roles for Women – SCI Episode 37

National security remains a male-dominated field, with a higher percentage of men filling a variety of roles including those in many security offices. But that’s changing, and more women aren’t just entering security careers but advancing within them, as well. ClearanceJobs spoke with Amy Grossman, security manager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory. Within the Lincoln Laboratory Grossman has advanced from working personnel security and processing security clearance applications to managing security functions. She chats about how she got her start in security and advice she gives to others considering a security career.

In the second half of the show Sean Bigley, security clearance attorney, and Lindy Kyzer, ClearanceJobs, discuss security clearance employment agreements. If your company sponsors your security clearance, are you required to work for them for a certain term? Are there any special rules or regulations concerning what agreements a security clearance applicant can or can’t sign, or that companies can enforce?