Special Security Officers from Oppenheimer to Today

Security clearance topics remain in the news – but who are Special Security Officers (SSOs), and what role do they play in keeping classified programs safe? ClearanceJobs is joined by Mitch Lawrence, founder of Lawrence Solutions, and Peter Lapp, owner of PJ Lapp Consulting, to discuss their upcoming Special Security Officer Survival Course, why the role of SSO is important, and why it’s critical for both government and industry to invest in the professionalization and advancement of the SSO.

They offer a variety of tips for better understanding the role of SSO, from how it got its start in the Oppenheimer era, to why it remains a critical function today. Behind every cleared or classified program is a need for competent security professionals. With ongoing insider threats, data breaches, and an expanding catalog of counterintelligence issues affecting every company, big and small, investing in the people of security has perhaps never been more important.