The Secret History of Women at the CIA – A Conversation with Liza Mundy

Women have played a central role in the intelligence community since it’s foundation, but for a long time those stories were untold, and hidden by more than just a shadow of secrecy and security policy. In her recent book, The Sisterhood: The Secret History of Women at the CIA, Liza Mundy follows the stories of several women who joined the CIA at critical inflection points, and the roles they played in building the agency. From first female chief of station Eloise Page to Lisa Harper, who was one of the first women to make it into the CIA’s Director of Operations, Liza joins the program to talk about how she wove these stories together and this remarkable history of women in the Agency.

In the second half of the program Sean Bigley and Lindy Kyzer of ClearanceJobs discuss how water cooler talk can play into the security clearance process. With self-reporting guidelines indicating the need to report issues not just for yourself but observed in others, it’s important to take issues seriously. But it’s also important to understand what should actually be reported.