Your Federal Life — Apr. 24, 2024

It’s been a year since the Biden administration first called for agencies to ramp up in-person work. Now after coming back to their offices, many federal employees are asking, “why are we here”? Well, we asked too. Our Federal News Network survey found that more than half of feds don’t think their agency leadership has really explained the return-to-office rationale. Federal News Network’s Drew Friedman joins me with those survey results.

Plus, hopefully in your career you won’t need the Merit Systems Protection Board. Yet its nice to know there’s a bulwark against prohibited personnal practices. The Merit Systems Protection Board has had a quorum for more than two years. When members were finally approved by the Senate in 2022, they faced a backlog of some 38 hundred appeals cases. They two members the board does have are within spitting distance of eliminating the backlog. For an update on this an other matters, I spoke with the MSPB chairman, Cathy Harris.