Public Service

public_service_week_topHonoring those who serve

Federal employees often feel like they are the subject only of negative stories in the media. Meanwhile, federal agencies are either reluctant or unsure of how to share all the good news and success stories happening with their employees. In honor of the 31st annual Public Service Recognition Week, Federal News Radio partnered with the Office of Personnel Management to change both of those paradigms. We interviewed eight federal employees from an assortment of agencies with the goal of highlighting all that is right and working in government and with the employees. As Public Service Recognition Week kicked off May 1, this annual celebration of government’s impact on the country comes at a time when employee engagement and satisfaction has started to creep in the right direction. This year’s theme, Connecting Citizens with Their Government, continues the mantra of the past 15 years of making the government citizen centric. All of the federal employees we highlighted are strong examples of how people make public service matter and impactful.