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Executive Briefing Series: Journey to the Enterprise Cloud

In this exclusive executive briefing, federal cloud veterans share their updated strategies for the cloud journey.

Executive Briefing

Executive Briefing Series: Cybersecurity Strategies

In this exclusive executive briefing, federal cybersecurity practitioners provide a read on the most contemporary cybersecurity thinking.

Executive Briefing

Executive Briefing Series: Computer Vision

In this exclusive executive briefing, federal technologists concerned with video data explore the challenges of both the handling and analysis of video data, and of how to keep video data from overwhelming networks and analysts alike.

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Executive Briefing Series: DoD Readiness & Asset Management

In this exclusive executive briefing, defense experts address joint readiness restoration challenges.

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Expert Edition: 5G

The increasing reliance of government on wireless technologies to provide everything from internal networking to always available citizen services is straining the existing infrastructure. 5G technology counters this challenge with a quantum leap in speed…


Expert Edition: Open Season 2020

November 11 begins the annual ritual of considering your health benefit options. If you are like some, the only date you’ll care about is December 9, the final day to make decisions and back time…


Executive Briefing Series: Analyzing the Threat Environment

For federal cybersecurity practitioners, it’s axiomatic: The nature of threats changes constantly, and the sheer numbers keep growing. No one can change that. But how agencies respond can and simply must change. If the ultimate…

Executive Briefing

Executive Briefing Series: Identity and Access Management

Over the past year, agencies have come to a simple realization: The foundation for cybersecurity is identity. Yes, you can secure your networks and your applications with the latest tools and sensors. But to truly…

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Executive Briefing Series: Evolving Cloud Strategies

A subtle but profound shift in thinking in how federal IT managers think about cloud computing; this occurs as they settle on strategies that encompass upgraded federal data centers and more-than-one commercial cloud services provider…

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DoD strategic IT survey

Raise the subject of IT modernization the Defense Department and any number of things pop to mind: billion dollar contracts, protests, on-prem, hybrid, mobility, agility, security, strategy. There’s a lot going on. That’s why Federal…


Executive Briefing Series: Accelerating Transformation with a Multi-generational Workforce

Information technology practitioners have an array of new and emerging technologies with which to build the next generation of digital government. If all it took were these tools, the task would be simpler than it…

Executive Briefing

Executive Briefing Series: Managing IT Complexities in a Multi-cloud World

The cloud marketplace is flooded with new products, and while that can be a positive thing for agencies looking to deliver newer, better experiences to the customer, it can also leave them struggling. How do…

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