AFGE Council 220

  • SSA announces more agencywide telework changes

    Social Security Administration leadership met with employees Monday to announce a series of changes to existing telework policies, but the new arrangements vary widely across the agency and depend on an employee’s component — and whether or not an employee is part of a specific bargaining unit. 

  • SSA employees get more time to adjust to upcoming telework cancellation

    The Social Security Administration said Friday it would delay the end of its telework program by two additional weeks to give operations employees more time to adjust to the policy changes.

  • SSA ends telework program for operations employees, citing need to focus on customer service

    The Social Security Administration is ending its telework program for some 12,000 operations employees after six years. The agency’s decision coincides with the start of its new collective bargaining agreement with the American Federation of Government Employees.

  • How not to impose change on employees

    Trump administration uses battering ram approach to changing union relationship. What can the government learn about labor relations from Major League Baseball.