American Society of Military Comptrollers

  • Despite billions invested in DoD ERP systems, few financial managers see reduction in workload

    The Defense Department has spent well over a decade and tens of billions of dollars to buy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with the hope that they would help the military adopt modern, automated business processes and pave the way to financial auditability. But a strikingly small number of DoD financial managers think the systems have done anything to make their jobs easier.

  • Sequestration, budget cuts taking their toll on DoD financial managers

    DoD’s senior executives with responsibility for budget matters report a sudden decline in job satisfaction. No surprise: sequestration’s mostly to blame.

  • In Depth: Tracking, controlling DoD costs

    The Defense Department’s audit and business practices have come under scrutiny of late. The House Armed Services Committee has created a special panel to reform the Pentagon’s financial management systems, while DoD has struggled for…