bear market

  • Stocks on sale? Should you buy, sell or sit tight?

    According to last week’s Wall Street Journal, the top-stock buyer for the government of a very oil-rich Middle Eastern nation has been scooping up multiple shares of Marriott and Boeing (Disney World and the airliner)…

  • End of the world: Now what?

    Over the past 11 years just about everybody and his brother has predicted that the record-long bull market couldn’t last forever.

  • Your TSP in the tank: Now what?

    The one sure thing about stock market predictions, whether and when it will boom or bust, is that eventually you will be right.

  • Recession haven: Is the G fund really a ‘safe’ place?

    Most people know the rule is buy low, sell high. If you buy that, the problem is knowing when the market has peaked or bottomed out.

  • Bear market: Are you ready?

    This is the longest bull market in history. But eventually it will change, the market will tank.

  • What happens to your TSP when the bull becomes a bear?

    A growing number of Thrift Savings Plan investors are nervously wondering how much longer the current bull market will last, and can last.