Brenda Roberts

  • New DIA acquisition process invites tech firms to show their stuff to senior leaders

    For the past three years, the Defense Intelligence Agency has been experimenting with a rapid technology acquisition project called “Needipedia,” in which it publishes the technology gaps it wants to fill, lets industry respond with short white papers, then buys new capabilities in as little as a month.

  • OPM updates closure procedures; no excused absences for pre-approved paid leave

    Under new dismissal and closure procedures issued by the Office of Personnel Management today, federal employees who are on pre-approved paid leave during a government closure will no longer be given an excused absence.

  • OPM tweaks snow-closure policy, with added push for telework

    With the official start of winter just two weeks away, the Office of Personnel Management is tweaking its closure and dismissal guidelines. The updated policy changes the way OPM will communicate delayed arrivals and continues to call on agencies to ensure all federal employees who are telework-ready actually do so when OPM gives the say-so during inclement weather.