bull market

  • Stocks on sale? Should you buy, sell or sit tight?

    According to last week’s Wall Street Journal, the top-stock buyer for the government of a very oil-rich Middle Eastern nation has been scooping up multiple shares of Marriott and Boeing (Disney World and the airliner)…

  • Managing your TSP: Buy, sell or sit tight?

    Not so long ago in what now looks like the good old days hundreds of Thrift Savings Plan account holders were hoping to be inducted into the Millionaires Club.

  • Dr. Fauci or Dr. Phil: Who’s the real hero?

    In the real world the real heroes, i.e. the people who will literally save our bacon right now, are mostly unknown, faceless bureaucrats.

  • End of the world: Now what?

    Over the past 11 years just about everybody and his brother has predicted that the record-long bull market couldn’t last forever.

  • Your TSP in the tank: Now what?

    The one sure thing about stock market predictions, whether and when it will boom or bust, is that eventually you will be right.

  • Bull market dead at age 11: What next?

    Managed to finish two horror novels last Thursday. The bad news is they were both true, as near as we can tell.

  • Will coronavirus KO your TSP account?

    Well, it finally happened. After 10-plus years, the longest bull market in history, the stock market had an historic correction.

  • Recession haven: Is the G fund really a ‘safe’ place?

    Most people know the rule is buy low, sell high. If you buy that, the problem is knowing when the market has peaked or bottomed out.

  • How to become a TSP millionaire in 2020

    Just about everybody knows the stock market is long overdue for a correction of 20% or more — maybe a lot more.

  • Another shutdown, another recession?

    Could the next government shutdown end the record 10-year bull market and trigger another recession? It may not be long until we find out.