bull market

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    Most people know the rule is buy low, sell high. If you buy that, the problem is knowing when the market has peaked or bottomed out.

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    Could the next government shutdown end the record 10-year bull market and trigger another recession? It may not be long until we find out.

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    This is the longest bull market in history. But eventually it will change, the market will tank.

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    A growing number of Thrift Savings Plan investors are nervously wondering how much longer the current bull market will last, and can last.

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    Thanks to the ups and downs in the global markets, some of the 37,612 feds who were Thrift Savings Plan millionaires at the end of June may be back to six-figure balances.

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    Are you a fed who needs more realistic investing guidance? Look at your own Thrift Savings Plan account and those or your 5,690,000 fellow account holders.

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    The current bull market is more than a decade old and is long overdue for a major correction. Financial planner Arthur Stein has plenty of federal clients and offered his thoughts.

  • Market dive: The day your hair turned white

    May 13, 2019, was the day we learned, after a 10-year bull market, that the stock market had a paper loss for the day of approximately $800 billion.