• Local governments need year-round cyber training, ransomware protocol

    Cybersecurity awareness programs are not a one and done event, but an area of continuous and universal reinforcement. Laws may be needed to require ransomware incident reporting and perhaps prohibit ransom payment.

  • Government IT industry expert says shutdown affects prospects for 45K open IT positions

    Public Technology Institute’s Executive Director Alan Shark provides interesting perspective on government shutdown, local government IT priorities for 2019, a comparison with NASCIO’s state priorities, and discloses merger with CompTIA.

  • NASCIO publishes 2018 state CIO survey

    Gone are the days where state CIOs are pri­marily focused on IT infrastructure. CIOs ranked communica­tion, relationship-building and strategic think­ing as the most critical leadership traits for a successful CIO. Technology expertise came in at number nine.

  • Trade group pushes Congress to create regulatory sandbox for blockchain

    If the two-sided toaster revolutionized breakfast, blockchain will revolutionize just about everything in technology.

  • Todd Thibodeaux, President and CEO, CompTIA

    Social media, mobility, analytics and cloud form the acronym SMAC. These technologies have become embedded in the federal workplace. A report released this week examines how they are converging, and what it means for agency operations. The Federal Technology Convergence Commission is a group of industry leaders tasked with assessing the impact of SMAC convergence and making recommendations to the administration. Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with more on the report.

  • PSC acquires TechAmerica Foundation, ending 15-month saga

    CompTIA decides to get out of the federal sector and focus on its core capabilities.

  • TechAmerica dismisses Mike Hettinger as head of public sector practice

    The industry association is once again in turmoil as it gets rid of Mike Hettinger, who was brought in to stabilize the association after a tumultuous year. TechAmerica brings in two consultants, Larry Allen and Bill Greenwalt, to handle the day-to-day activities of the organization in the meantime.

  • Elizabeth Hyman, Executive Vice President of Public Policy, CompTIA

    The nonprofit trade association CompTIA is buying one of its public sector competitors. It’s merging with TechAmerica to boost its own public sector organization. That announcement today comes right after Friday’s announcement that TechAmerica settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit with the Information Technology Industry Council. Elizabeth Hyman, executive vice president of public policy at CompTIA, fills in In Depth with Francis Rose on the details.

  • CompTIA buys TechAmerica to expand its public sector offerings

    CompTIA has mostly focused on education and advocacy for small and medium sized firms. By acquiring TechAmerica, the association expands its reach into more procurement and technology lobbying and education.