Dan Waddell

  • 3 biggest cybersecurity concerns of agency CISOs

    When ISC², a non-profit focused on cybersecurity education and certification, conducted a survey of chief information security officers for federal agencies, it found three major concerns that permeated the results.

  • Dan Waddell: Here’s a list of priorities for new federal CISO

    The Obama administration appointed a permanent chief information security officer, underscoring the importance of cybersecurity. Federal Drive with Tom Temin asked Dan Waddell, ISC Squared’s North American managing director, about a detailed list of suggested priorities for the federal CISO Greg Touhill the non-profit put together.

  • Dan Waddell: A look at federal cybersecurity education

    Cybersecurity experts are like diamonds. Everyone is panning for them. Meanwhile, the cyber threat federal agencies face are growing more frequent and lurid. (ISC)² has helped thousands of people obtain cybersecurity credentials. Dan Waddell, managing director for (ISC)² North America, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with a review of progress in federal cybersecurity education.

  • Dan Waddell & Tony Hubbard: Lessons learned from OPM cyber breach

    The Office of Personnel Management’s cybersecurity breach stands as a kind of watershed. But results from a survey by ISC(2) and KPMG show the lessons may not have penetrated the ranks of federal security chiefs. Dan Waddell, managing director for North America with ISC(2) and Tony Hubbard, a principal with KPMG, share more on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Navy will ask its workforce for help to solve legacy IT, cyber challenges

    The Navy said it wants to look outside the box for new solutions to its challenges with cybersecurity and embedded platform systems. Navy Deputy CIO Janice Haith said the service will launch a contest later this month to solicit ideas from its own workforce on getting rid of or modernizing outdated, tactical systems.

  • Key to cyber hiring is highlighting mission, understanding job description

    Attracting a skilled federal cyber workforce means getting applicants, agencies and hiring managers on the same page when it comes to mission.

  • Holistic approach needed to address federal cyber gaps

    Cybersecurity experts say the government needs to address gaps in its IT systems and workforce to strengthen its defenses against data breaches, threats that are now a part of everyday federal operations.

  • Women in cybersecurity workforce lag, despite growing industry

    A new survey from (ISC)² finds women make up just 10 percent of the information security workforce in 2015, down a percent from 2013, despite numbers of people entering the industry grew as a whole.

  • Dan Waddell: Lessons learned from the OPM breach

    The OPM data breaches should serve as a wake up call to federal agencies that they can no longer just selectively comply with the findings from security audits. That’s according to a new report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT). Dan Waddell is the director of government affairs at (ISC)2 and one of the contributors to the report. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with more on what ICIT found and what it recommends.

  • Dan Waddell, Director of Government Affairs, (ISC)2

    The OPM data breach that has affected millions of current and former federal employees wasn’t about acquiring bank records or credit card information. Instead, signs point to cyber-espionage. They also reveal a need for agencies to improve their overall cybersecurity and teach employees how to protect themselves. Dan Waddell, director of government affairs at (ISC)2 joined Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss the magnitude of the breach.