• Implementation deadline ‘just the beginning’ for DATA Act

    There are still struggles with parts of the DATA Act implementation, but Treasury and Office of Management and Budget officials say they are working with large agencies and federal auditors to problem solve ahead of the May 2017 deadline.

  • OMB’s Mader confident CFO community will weather transition

    The Office of Management and Budget Controller David Mader says the chief financial officers community will handle the presidential transition just fine, thanks in part to the community’s work on budget, shared services, risk management and data transparency.

  • OMB’s latest DATA Act guidance highlights PII, financial assistance

    The Office of Management and Budget published more guidance for agencies on what and how to report spending information to comply with the upcoming implementation of the DATA Act.

  • 2016 a year of ‘opportunities and challenges’ for agency IGs

    A new report on the state of inspectors general offices finds that the upcoming transition can be an opportunity for IGs to strengthen relationships with their agencies and make some changes when it comes to how the government recruits, retains and provides resources for its watchdogs.

  • Government maintains ‘monopoly’ on poor customer experience

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, a new report shows that while some agencies are improving, the federal government still ranks among the worst for customer experience.

  • Where digital services fails, lawmakers devoted to the DATA Act

    Legislators came out strongly in favor of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) in the 2017 spending bills.

  • HUD falling behind on DATA Act implementation

    A new report from HUD’s Inspector General says the agency’s inconsistent management and indecision is causing it to fall behind on DATA Act implementation.

  • Paula Rascona: Data Act proves difficult to put into practice

    Congress handed the White House and Treasury a job back in 2014: Establish a new reporting system for agency spending that would make it easier for people to see and anaylze for themselves, how the goverment spends $1 trillion every year. But the Data Act has proved difficult to implement, as documented in two recent studies from the Government Accountability Office. Paula Rascona, director of financial management and assurance issues at the GAO. joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more.

  • Path to DATA Act rollout hits another roadblock

    The Government Accountability Office says the implementation of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act needs improvement, as the Treasury Department works to finalize a system to collect agency data and make sure it is in the same format.

  • GAO: DATA Act implementation at risk if reporting agencies aren’t monitored

    Full implementation of the DATA Act is at risk if the Treasury Department and Office of Management and Budget don’t start keeping better tabs on agencies and their spending reports, says the Government Accountability Office.