David Bennett

  • Here’s one sign the federal workforce is game for OMB’s automation, AI push

    The Trump administration said it sees 2019 as the year it plans to win the public’s trust and establish familiarity with the federal workforce that it’s up to the task of deploying artificial intelligence, robotics and other new technology.

  • Next Gen Federal Networks in Government 2018/2019 “Progress & Best Practices”

    This program will provide a progress report on next gen networks in government.

  • DISA’s consolidation binge continues with contracts, processes

    The Defense Information Systems Agency told industry that it needs to reduce the number of procurements it runs and become more efficient in how it manages existing programs. DISA must find 7-to-10 percent savings each year in overhead costs.

  • Pentagon wants industry to cut its email costs by half

    On Wednesday, DISA released a request for information as it prepares to migrate its Enterprise Email service to a commercially-hosted cloud and telling industry that it wants the new solution to beat the current system’s costs by 50 percent.

  • DISA ‘going commercial’ in forthcoming update to MilCloud

    Pentagon officials fully acknowledge that they’ve been relatively sluggish adopters of cloud computing, but have continued to maintain that there will always be some applications that are so sensitive that they will never be appropriate for transition to commercial hosting and must stay within the military’s networks.

  • DISA to restructure with eye toward more agility, Cyber Command

    The Defense Information Systems Agency will begin to shake up its organizational chart in significant ways beginning on Oct. 1. But officials, so far, are reluctant to discuss the details.

  • DoD revisiting security guidelines for commercial cloud

    The Defense Information Systems Agency, which serves as the broker between Defense Department components and commercial providers of cloud computing services, says the certification standards it set for commercial providers may be too arduous for vendors. DoD also launched five pilots to test the use of commercial cloud providers and is reassessing how it develops cloud requirements.

  • On DoD: DISA data center closures, Defense IT acquisition reform

    David Bennett, the agency’s Chief Information Officer and Alfred Rivera, the vice director for strategic planning join us to talk about DISA data center consolidation strategy and the path ahead.

  • Over six years, DISA cuts inventory of large data centers from 18 to 10

    The Pentagon’s main IT provider shuttered its large data center in Huntsville, Alabama. in May, leaving only 10 of its large Defense Enterprise Computing Centers in its inventory. The mission of those remaining DECCs, however, is growing, not shrinking.

  • DISA navigates role as Pentagon’s cloud provider

    On this week’s Agency of the Month show, David Bennett and Julie Mintz of DISA discuss providing cloud services for the Defense Department.