• AFGE charges DoD with unfair labor practices in upcoming network consolidation

    In a complaint to the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the union says DoD is violating the law by reassigning more than 1,000 employees without consulting collective bargaining representatives.

  • Irene Johnson: DoD contract closeout backlog needs some help

    The closeout backlog has been growing — more contracts coming into the Defense Contract Management Agency than it can get to.

  • Defense acquisition workers seeing a new era in training

    The Defense Department and Army are changing the way they hire and train acquisition professionals.

  • Amid $52 billion plus-up, DoD looks to trim spending on service contracts, health care

    The Trump administration’s Defense budget proposal envisions billions of dollars in savings from more oversight on IT, base closures, health care reforms and plane tickets.

  • DoD to provide more help, new thinking for buying commercial services

    Shay Assad, the director of Defense pricing, said the Defense Contract Management Agency will open an additional five centers of excellence over the next few months to help military services and agencies make better decisions when buying commercial items. Assad said DoD also needs to move to value-based pricing.

  • Pentagon’s Ginman reflects on four decades in Defense procurement

    Richard Ginman, the director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, left government late last month. In an interview with Federal News Radio’s On DoD a few days before his retirement, he reflected on what’s changed during his 42-year career, and what hasn’t.

  • DoD aims for more consistent decisions on ‘commercial’ items

    The Defense Contract Management Agency is creating a new team of dedicated pricing experts, looking for more consistent decisions within DoD about what constitutes a commercial product.

  • Lt. Gen. Wendy Masiello, Director, DCMA

    The Defense Contract Management Agency has about 12,000 civilian and military employees who interact with more than 20,000 contractors and handle more than $220 billion for the Defense Department. Lt. Gen. Wendy Masiello, director of DCMA, is receiving an award at the GovCon Award ceremony for her role in building business partnerships between the public and private sector. She told In Depth with Francis Rose about the partnerships she helped oversee.

  • DCMA leads acquisition ‘revolution’

    The Defense Department said it intends to not just rebuild its acquisition workforce in numbers, but also make sure those employees have access to new tools that will give them the insight they need to make good decisions.

  • GAO: DCMA hampered by contingency contracting, DCAA

    The contract management agency has added staff in recent years and sought a pivot in strategy, the GAO found. But DCMA still faces issues, such as contingency contracting and its reliance on DCAA, that impact its ability to meet its mission, GAO’s John Hutton said on In Depth with Francis Rose.