DHS headquarters

  • Labor Dept. trying out faster way to process contractor punishments

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Labor Department will pilot a faster approach to discretionary suspension and debarment with its Inspector General and its Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management.

  • Senator seeks DHS headquarters funding beyond continuing resolution levels

    The Department of Homeland Security’s long-awaited new headquarters won’t be completed until at least 2021, but one of the project’s biggest champions in the Senate has urged Congress to hold up its end of the bargain once its current continuing resolution expires.

  • DHS, DoD asking OMB for sequestration reprogramming authority

    Homeland Security, Defense and USDA are asking the Office of Management and Budget for the ability to reprogram agency funds to soften the blow of sequestration. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said the agency must cut $3 billion by Sept. 30 and every mission, contract and person will be impacted in some way. She said the Coast Guard already is feeling the impact of the cuts in mission areas.