Diana Rubens

  • VA proposes reduced punishments for VBA leaders

    Following an investigation by VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson, the agency is recommending a combination of reduced pay and suspension for four VA leaders involved in relocation “impropriety.”

  • 2 VA execs return to work, could still face additional punishments

    Kimberly Graves and Diana Rubens, who were reinstated to their positions as directors of the St. Paul and Philadelphia regional veterans benefits offices, could face another form of punishment, following the results of a second investigation from VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson. The results of the investigation, which took longer than Gibson expected, should come in another week.

  • VA leader launches investigation to reconsider disciplinary actions against 4 senior execs

    Department of Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson has launched an investigation to determine whether or not he will seek different disciplinary actions for two VA senior executives. Gibson said the investigation should take one week but did not give a timeline on when he would make a decision on punishment.

  • Judge reverses demotion of VA exec targeted for relocation scandal

    The second of two Department of Veterans Affairs senior executives had her demotion reversed by a Merit Systems Protection Board judge. Diana Rubens was demoted from her executive position by the VA for allegedly abusing her power for her own personal gain. Fellow SESer Kimberly Graves received a similar decision from a judge last week.

  • Judge reverses VA exec demotion, court hears appeal for other agency official

    A Merit Systems Protection Board judge reversed the decision by the VA to demote one of its senior executives for alleged misconduct involving a relocation program. Reports also say another VA official demoted for the same reason is currently defending herself in a Philadelphia court.

  • Wednesday federal headlines — December 30, 2015

    In Wednesday’s federal headlines, the White House released a cyber deterrence policy after repeated calls from Congress to do so.

  • VA official admits agency has ‘accountability problem’

    Five Department of Veterans Affairs employees were in the hot seat this week as they answered questions on an alleged scandal involving senior officials using an agency program for their personal and financial benefit.

  • Lawmakers delve into relocation program for possible abuse

    The Veterans Affairs Department’s relocation scandal sheds light on a federal employee house-selling program that may be costing taxpayers.