Disability Case Processing System

  • SSA turns case processing system from dud to a stud in 14 months

    Rob Klopp, the Social Security Administration’s out-going chief information officer, said by taking over the management of the Disability Case Processing System, applying an agile or dev/ops approach and listening to their customers at the state level, the agency made more progress in 14 months than it did in the previous four years.

  • After 25 years of talk, SSA says it has right plan to modernize its IT

    The Social Security Administration has a new plan to modernize five major IT systems, to the tune of $300 million. SSA Chief Information Officer Robert Klopp said the agency could make headway on the plan within a year, as long as it gets the funding it needs from Congress. The House, however, is poised to cut SSA’s budget by $250 million this year.