Doug Maughan

  • OMB’s Morrison, DHS’s Maughan heading to new roles in government

    FEMA’s Adrian Gardner retires after 30 years and GSA’s Dan Twomey is leaving next week after spending the last four years in government as an industry expert.

  • Doug Maughan: DHS’ Science & Tech conducting cybersecurity research

    Securing vehicle software updates, telephone network attacks at 911 centers and mobile app vulnerability are among the agency’s research projects underway.

  • DHS S&T cyber division hitting its stride with research transition, start-up projects

    The Homeland Security Department Science and Technology Directorate’s cybersecurity division is in a more comfortable place now with many of its top research and development priorities. It’s transitioned more than 75 major projects to practice and is finding a solid footing in the Silicon Valley start-up space.

  • What’s different about doing business with DHS S&T in 2016

    The Homeland Security Department’s Science and Technology Directorate is requiring that all researchers use its Software Assurance Marketplace to test an application before submitting it to the department. DHS S&T is also piloting a new contracting model for its work with Silicon Valley startups.

  • Douglas Maughan: Conversations on innovation

    The Homeland Security Department’s science and technology directorate is looking for a few innovative ideas. SaT is holding a series of conversations across the country to bring those concepts to the forefront. Doug Maughan is the cybersecurity division director for the Science and Technology directorate. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss why the conversation around cyber is more important than ever.

  • DHS S&T offers outlet to commercialize cyber research

    The Science and Technology Directorate is giving more than 50 companies a chance to show off their DHS-funded cyber innovations. The cyber showcase is the first of its kinds from S&T.

  • Doug Maughan, Director of Cybersecurity Division, DHS

    First, the Department of Homeland Security had the Car Wash. Now, it has the SWAMP – the latest effort to improve the quality and reliability of apps running on government networks. In part 2 of his interview with Doug Maughan, director of the Cybersecurity Division in DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate, Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller asked Maughan how SWAMP is improving software assurance.

  • DHS’ SWAMP helps clean software of cyber flaws

    The Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) is a new initiative from DHS Science and Technology Directorate’s cybersecurity division to test apps for security vulnerabilities before they are installed on agency networks. S&T also sponsored the HOST program to promote the use and security of open source tools.

  • Cars, toasters, medical devices add to DHS’ cyber headaches

    The Science and Technology Directorate’s Cybersecurity Division received dozens of proposals to protect the next emerging area for cybersecurity, called physical systems. S&T will receive 70 proposals across four major areas and award $95 million to the best ideas in early 2015.

  • Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

    The Homeland Security Department is putting up almost $100 million to fund the next generation of cybersecurity technologies. DHS issued a broad agency announcement that lists the first four areas in which DHS wants to know the art of the possible. Doug Maughan, director of the DHS Science and Technology Directorate’s cybersecurity division, tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller about the initial set of cybersecurity research areas. Read Jason’s related article.