• Entrepreneur program for immigrants and women comes to DC   

    Former Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Griffin has a plan to help to entrepreneurs around the world start and grow their businesses. His organization Griffinworx has created $744 million in economic income, mostly in developing countries. Now he’s bringing Griffinworx back to the United States, partnering with eBay to operate StartUp Cups in Washington, DC and Brooklyn to help women, immigrants and other groups facing obstacles in getting their businesses off the ground.

  • Looking to buy a drone? Try eBay

    Federal authorities arrested a man in the Philippines accused of selling an unmanned military surveillance drone on eBay

  • Cloud lovers converge at ‘Cloudstock’

    What do you call hundreds of cloud developers stuck in a room together? Why, Cloudstock, of course. A cloud computing technical conference – dubbed by some as “The Woodstock for Cloud Developers” took place in San Francisco this week. Its mission was to “bring the top cloud developers and the top cloud technologies together under […]

  • Federal “eBay” sets new revenue record

    GSAAuctions.gov, the federal government’s website for online auctions, set a new record in fiscal 2010, generating more than $250 million. Dave Robbins, Director of GSA’s Office of Personal Property Management, joins Federal News Radio with the details. November 16, 2010

  • ‘Shady’ porn site practices pose cyber risks

    Grid Reliability clears the House, Botnet taken down by owner