• List of GSA’s cyber SINs continues to grow

    The General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service just created the Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services Special Item Number (HACSSIN) to add cyber services to GSA’s Schedule 70 to help agencies procure cyber solutions.

  • House Oversight committee places high priority on renewing E-Gov Act provisions

    The House Oversight and Government Reform and Homeland Security committees released oversight plans for the 115th Congress, both of which included cybersecurity and IT modernization.

  • IRS isn’t alone with its struggle with EINSTEIN cyber program

    Government sources tell Federal News Radio that some in the departments of Commerce, Agriculture and Labor also are pushing back against the implementation of the intrusion detection and prevention program known as EINSTEIN 3-Accelerated (E3A).

  • FDIC taking steps to strengthen cybersecurity

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is taking a range of steps to strengthen its cybersecurity posture, including an end-to-assessment and limiting employees’ ability to copy information to removable hardware.

  • Intrigue, nastiness engulfs latest protest of DHS’ $1B cyber contract

    Northrop Grumman filed its second protest over the Homeland Security Department’s decision to award Raytheon the DOMino contract.

  • DHS to meet another deadline with cyber ‘weather map’

    DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is scheduled to certify the Automated Indicator Sharing initiative on March 16, which provides a central location for cyber data and a way to share it across agencies and industry.

  • DHS chief: Agency ‘not where we should be’ for hiring cyber talent

    DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson defended his agency’s $40.6 billion fiscal 2017 budget, telling a congressional committee that cybersecurity funding would help hiring efforts.

  • OPM OKs 1,000 cyber positions at DHS

    The Office of Personnel Management gave DHS the go-ahead to fill up to 1,000 positions focused on cybersecurity. The announcement is the latest action in an ongoing plan to address cyber risks for the government.

  • Fears rise over little-known cyber bill provision

    Section 209 of the Senate’s Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act would give DHS emergency powers during a cyber attack on federal or contractor networks holding federal data. Some say the provision is too vague.

  • DHS awards $1B cyber contract to protect agency networks

    The Homeland Security Department picks Raytheon to run the DOMino program, which maintains and improves the intrusion protection and detection system known as EINSTEIN, and develops other cyber tools under the National Cybersecurity Protection System.