Energy Star

  • Energy Department adviser celebrates diversity, sustainability in government

    On this week’s episode of Women of Washington, Gigi Schumm welcomed Una Song, a senior adviser at the Energy Department’s Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security.

  • Opportunity calls: It’s time to say ‘yes’

    Maria Vargas, director of the Better Buildings Challenge at the Energy Department, joined Women of Washington to promote energy efficiency across organizations and government, and share her advice on seizing opportunities in life that push you to be stronger, better in your career.

  • LEED green building standard clears first hurdle for governmentwide use

    The Green Building Advisory Committee recommends GSA establish the LEED certification as the governmentwide standard for all federal buildings. GSA will work with Energy and DoD to come up with the final decision.

  • GSA guide to ensure electronics are green to the end

    The government’s new strategy on electronic stewardship said no federal electronics should end up in a landfill. Agencies should make sure their computers, monitors and other equipment is reused whenever possible and eventually recycled by a certified company. The Government Services Administration will publish guidance in February.

  • GSA, EPA to green government using IT schedules

    By Ruben Gomez Federal News Radio The General Services Administration (GSA) will revamp federal IT purchase contracts, in keeping with the administration’s National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship released Wednesday. GSA will remove all products that…

  • Expanding ‘Energy Star’ certification

    EPA environmental protection specialist Una Song joins host John Gilroy to talk about the Energy Star project and how it can help your agency monitor its energy use. April 26, 2011

  • OFPP looks for better green purchasing data

    A new survey on how well agencies contract for sustainable products and services is under development. GSA and OFPP also are taking other steps to promote green purchasing including training courses and changes to acquisition regulations.

  • DHS, DoJ, EPA, Energy earn top green electronics award

    Agencies recycled more than 51,000 pounds of electronics, purchases more than 58,000 hardware that met the green standards and saved the government more than $11 million.

  • EPA sets Energy Star ratings for servers

    Standards part of broader plan to help reduce data center energy usage. Energy also has tool to measure data center power usage.

  • Paintin’ a data center green

    Paul Scheihing Technology Manager Department of Energy April 14th, 2009