FAR Council

  • Study shows military pay has been rising faster than civilian pay

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a new study by the RAND Corporation analyzes how military pay stacks up against civilian pay over the last 20 years.

  • Army sergeant gets 25 years in prison for supporting ISIS

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Justice Department said Sgt. Ikaika Kang provided sensitive military documents and military equipment to who he thought were members of ISIS.

  • 3 changes to federal acquisition agencies, industry should know about

    The FAR Council and lawmakers are updating federal procurement regulations to address long-standing concerns about veterans, prompt payment and privacy training.

  • Industry asks for delay in fair pay, safe workplace rule implementation

    The Coalition of Defense and Space Industry Associations, which includes six large industry groups, wrote to the FAR Council asking for the final rule implementing the President’s executive order requiring vendors to disclose violations of 14 labor laws to be pushed out another year.

  • Trey Hodgkins: Contract groups ask for conflict of interest rule to be delayed

    Six federal contractors trade associations have signed a letter asking that a rule on organizational conflict of interest be delayed a little longer. The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council had planned on making it final right now. Trey Hodgkins, senior vice president at the Information Technology Alliance for the Public Sector, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with the latest developments.

  • Major change proposed to how agencies track vendors

    The Federal Acquisition Regulations Council issued a proposed rule asking for input on how to move the government away from using the proprietary standard or number for uniquely identifying entities receiving federal awards provided for decades by Dun & Bradstreet.

  • Agencies get 2017 deadline to move to new procurement ID standard

    The Federal Acquisition Regulations Council issued a final rule Monday detailing the timeframe and steps agencies must take to begin using the Procurement Instrument Identification (PIID) numbering system. The PIID only is for new contracting actions after the effective date.

  • Proposal cuts time for vendors to comment on performance reviews

    A proposed rule by the FAR Council would reduce the number of days contractors have to comment on a performance evaluation to 14 days from 30.

  • FAR Council removes dollar limits for women-owned set-asides

    The Federal Acquisition Regulations Council said contracting officers no longer have worry about contract award dollar thresholds when setting aside acquisitions for disadvantaged women-owned businesses. This interim rule was one of 13 actions issued by the FAR Council today.

  • FAR Council finalizing nine rules in 2013

    The semi-annual regulatory agenda highlights final and proposed changes to the federal acquisition and agency-specific acquisition regulations.