Federal Employee Retirement System

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Navigating the complexities of federal retirement benefits

Federal retirement benefits require specialized advice to maximize. Feds planning to retire need a fiduciary who specializes in federal retirement.

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For 2023, federal retirees will see largest COLA increase in over 40 years

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January pay raise or COLA: Why not both?

It isn’t the year that matters, but the month of the year that you decide to retire. So if you’ve got a friend hoping to take advantage of a higher…

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What if your next pay raise is a retiree COLA?

While the raises and COLAs are important to individuals, the community and the nation, the actual amounts are often a mystery to both workers and retirees….

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Retire at the ‘right age’ and write your own ticket!

In most cases there are a number of “best dates” each year to retire. Even more importantly is picking the actual year itself. What’s best for you may not work for a colleague with the same service time and salary level. So how do you find that magic moment?

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