Federal Employee Retirement System

  • Trump’s federal retirement cuts ‘dead on arrival,’ not focused on existing employees, senators say

    Several members of Congress have declared the President’s proposed cuts to federal employee retirement “dead on arrival,” while at least one Republican has expressed more of an interest in developing a new system for prospective employees.

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    If you are planning to retire soon, when should you do it? Federal benefits expert Tammy Flanagan joined host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn to talk about the best dates to retire.

  • FERS & the federal pay raise: What’s the latest?

    Is there a federal pay raise in your future? And what’s the status of legislation to reform the Federal Employees Retirement System? Find out when Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn. July 25, 2018

  • Life at the top: What’s in it for you

    Presidents love to reform the government for a variety of reasons. But career Senior Executive Service members knows where the levers of power are, and how to get things done.

  • Civil service reform: The SEA perspective

    What does the Senior Executives Association think about President Donald Trump’s plans to reform the civil service system? Find out when SEA President Bill Valdez joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn. April 4, 2018