Federal Report

  • Brother, Can You Spare $43,000?

    If we could each kick in $43,000 we could eliminate the national debt overnight. One of Mike’s readers says there is an existing mechanism…the Combined Federal Campaign.

  • Six Ways to Beat the Bear Market with Your TSP

    May was a terrible month for most TSP investors as the Dow had its worst month in 70 years. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has six suggestions that are almost certain to calm you down and increase your net worth. The trick is figuring out which of the six works for you.

  • Pay Raises vs. COLAs—Cows vs. Horses

    Federal workers are in line for a pay raise in January. Federal retirees are not. How come? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says deflation is the reason.

  • Federal Unions: What Do They Really Do?

    Federal unions cannot bargain over pay, holidays, vacation time or other federal fringe benefits. Yet tens of thousands of government workers belong to them. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there are a number of good reasons why so many pay dues when they don’t have to.

  • $60,000 Tuition Payback!

    Bad economic times and a very generous tuition assistance program have teamed up to make Uncle Sam an employer of first choice for many of the best-and-brightest job seekers, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

  • Pay/Telework Decisions Coming Up…

    Congress returns next week to deal with federal pay and teleworking issues, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, and as a side effect, returns Washington, D.C.’s traffic to its normal nightmare status…

  • Uncle Sam’s Spare Tire

    Everybody knows the government is full of waste, duplication and has too many employees. Where we often disagree is just where that’s at. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey thinks he’s found the solution. Or not.

  • Budget cuts harm cybersecurity

    According to a new survey, many states lack the proper resources to adequately protect some of their citizen’s most personal information.

  • Furloughs or Working Holidays

    When it returns for a post-election session, a grumpy, angry Congress may take up a proposal to furlough federal workers for up to two weeks next year. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wonders, is there another solution? Like maybe working holidays!

  • Feds Only: a 3.125% CD

    Do you remember the good old days of double-digit certificates of deposit? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that even in these lean times some long-time feds still have an exclusive investment option that beats the competition.