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  • What’s your TSP investment style, automatic pilot or active control?

    Most of the 34,000 active and retired feds with million-dollar-plus Thrift Savings Plan accounts got there by keeping cool. Most have been steady investors for decades.

  • FERCCA Corrections

    Insight by NITP, Inc. September 9, 2019 – Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Bob Braunstein, Federal Benefits Specialist, NITP. What would you do if you suddenly learned that your Federal retirement coverage is incorrect?  You…

  • Roundtable: Overlap Between Federal Benefits, Finance and Tax Planning

    Insight by NITP, Inc. September 2, 2019 –  Host Bob Leins, CPA® and co-host Tammy Flanagan, Senior Benefits Director at NITP, welcome Joe Sullender, CFP® to discuss areas of overlap between finance planning, tax planning, and…

  • Managing your inner millionaire

    Most federal and postal TSP millionaires got that way by ignoring the ups and downs of the market despite the pre-Christmas plunge in 2018.

  • Financial Planning Mistakes to Avoid at Each Career Stage

    Insight by NITP, Inc. April 29, 2019 – Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Joe Sullender, CFP® to discuss mistakes to avoid and critical steps to make at each stage of your Federal career. The importance…

  • Can I Afford to Retire?

    Insight by NITP, Inc. April 22, 2019 –  Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Brian Kurrus, CFP® for a discussion on how to evaluate if you can afford to retire.   Today’s program will answer the following questions…

  • Will bear market devour your TSP nest egg?

    Whether it’s down to strong job growth or low inflation, financial planner Art Stein says Thrift Savings Plan investors should like first quarter 2019 results.

  • Timing your retirement isn’t rocket science, but no cake walk

    Benefits expert Tammy Flanagan, will be Mike Causey’s guest today on Your Turn, airing 10 a.m. EDT, streaming on or on 1500 AM in the Washington, D.C., area.

  • Tax Season Special

    FEDtalk It’s that time of year again–tax season. Tune in to FEDtalk this Friday at 11 am ET for a discussion on the most important things for federal employees and members of the public to…

  • Riding the stock market waves to a $1M TSP

    Allan Roth, founder of Wealth Logic and a nationally syndicated financial columnist, said that when it comes to investing, his motto is “Dare to be dull,” as in boring.