First Amendment

  • The real art of lobbying

    Alex Vogel, chief executive officer at the Vogel Group, discusses the discomfort some people feel about the lobbying industry, and how he feels its positive impact every day in the region.

  • Business and the First Amendment

    Shanlon Wu, former federal prosecutor and partner; Thomas Clare, partner at Clare Locke; and Richard Levick, chairman and CEO of Levick; discuss the ways that First Amendment issues bleed into the corporate world.

  • Did Sonny Perdue’s Christmas message to employees cross a line?

    Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and his wife Mary sent a video message to employees where they make a specific reference to Christianity and some feds found it inappropriate.

  • Social media creates tricky situation for feds

    The line between protected and restricted speech is a fine one. After White House employee Jofi Joseph was fired for using an incognito Twitter handle to openly criticize the government, questions arose about federal employees’ rights in using social media.