• Two agencies teaming up to combat fraud in veterans healthcare

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have formed a new partnership to uncover potential waste, fraud and abuse among veteran health providers.

  • Trading in bad faith on someone’s good name

    Lauren Hall of Consumer Action profiles common frauds, including deceptive health claims about some celebrity-endorsed products.

  • If you love your gadgets, protect them!

    John Breyault of the National Consumers League talks about ways you can protect your phones and computers from fraudsters and hackers.

  • House rep calls out Trump admin. after USDA buyout cut

    In today’s Federal Newscast, news that the USDA will not be paying as much to employees who chose not to move to Kansas City next month has sparked Congressional outrage.

  • Justice Department targets frauds in many forms

    Fraud against the elderly is a growing concern to several federal agencies. But anyone can get scammed, as Tom Temin recently found out.

  • DMV lawmakers ask about pay raise…again

    In today’s Federal Newscast, several DC area members of Congress want to know if it’s realistic for federal employees to expect more money in their next paycheck on March 15.

  • New playbook to help agencies battle fraud

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the CFO Council and Bureau of the Fiscal Service creates a new playbook with information to help agencies reduce the risk of fraud.

  • IRS: Frequent data breaches make it ‘fundamentally more difficult’ to verify taxpayers

    The IRS fights to stay at least one step ahead of the fraudsters that use stolen taxpayer credentials to file tax returns. But the frequency of data breaches gives adversaries more ammunition.

  • USPS uses data analytics to keep fraud in check

    Mark Pappaioanou of the U.S. Postal Service said data analytics can help the agency’s inspector general identify patterns of bad acts and make recommendations for the future.

  • To fight fraud, understand your risks, analyze your data

    Linda Miller, the fraud risk management practice lead for Grant Thornton, said agencies continue to struggle to identify how big of a problem fraud is for their programs, partly because program managers don’t think it’s their responsibility.