general schedule

  • General Schedule is the ‘single greatest obstacle’ for agency CHCOs, OPM says

    A summary of agencies’ chief human capital challenges from the Office of Personnel Management points to the General Schedule as the “single greatest obstacle” to competing with the private sector for critical talent. It’s second report in as many weeks from the federal community that describes major challenges with decades-old civil service systems.

  • OPM recommends paid parental leave corrections, new employee benefits in 2021 budget

    The Office of Personnel Management has its own recommendations for correcting the new federal paid parental leave law, as well as a wide range of other legislative proposals for 2021.

  • Bill that could mean pay raise for TSA screeners clears committee

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the House Homeland Security Committee passed the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act. The bill would move screeners at the Transportation Security Administration under the General Schedule, a move that would likely mean a pay raise.

  • OPM has yet to fix issues with contracts to help 2015 data breach victims

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Office of Personnel Management’s inspector general says the agency is not keeping a good enough eye on the companies its contracted for identity theft protection.

  • Agencies could rehire, promote former employees with new OPM regulatory fix

    The Office of Personnel Management says agencies struggle to recruit former employees who have left government and gained additional skills. New regulations that OPM will propose would give agencies the discretion to recruit top talent back with a promotion.

  • State and local minimum wage bumps don’t apply to feds, OPM says

    As several states and local governments have raised their minimum wages well past the federal rate of $7.25 in recent years, the Office of Personnel Management said it’s received many questions how these changes might impact federal employees.

  • NDAA amendment aims to find out if DoD experimented with weaponized bugs

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a proposal in the 2020 defense authorization bill would require the Defense Department Inspector General to tell Congress if the department experimented with the idea of weaponizing disease-carrying insects.

  • Uh, about that pay cut column …

    Monday’s column got the attention of a lot of readers, especially those at the top step of the top grade — GS-15. Unfortunately, says Mike Causey, the explanation was mostly wrong.

  • Date set for major change coming to GSA schedules

    In today’s Federal Newscast, it’s now known when the Federal Acquisition Service will release its consolidated schedule, which will include the new special item numbers and terms and conditions.

  • TSA examining pay, retention options as part of workforce reforms

    TSA is trying figure out the best way to improve the way it pays its employees, while reducing attrition and boosting retention.