Gerrit Lansing

  • New memos and a delay in policy

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly forged ahead with tough new immigration policies, outlined in a pair of memos. Although President Trump hadn’t yet released his revised executive order on immigration and securing the border with Mexico, Kelly widened the number of people potentially subject to detention and deportation. He reiterated the plan to hire another 5,000 Customs and Border Patrol agents.

  • Chief digital officer for Trump steps down amid uncertain circumstances

    The White House’s chief digital officer stepped down after only a month on the job. Sources familiar with the departure say Gerrit Lansing did not want to give up his ties to an online donation platform he helped start.

  • USDS, 18F could be exempted from federal hiring freeze

    Sources inside the General Services Administration say a town hall at the Technology Transformation Service (TTS) with two White House technology officials brought some reassurances and relief about the future of the organization, particularly 18F.

  • Possible candidates for OFPP, cyber czar emerge

    Sources say Emily Murphy and Joshua Steinman could be in line for high-profile positions in the Trump administration.