Goldwater-Nichols Act

  • DoD Secretary: Time to upgrade Goldwater-Nichols Act

    Defense Secretary Ash Carter says it’s time for an upgrade to the Goldwater-Nichols Act, but the Pentagon will need help from Congress.

  • U.S. Cyber Command poised for a promotion in DoD’s organizational chart

    Leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee intend to push legislation promoting U.S. Cyber Command to a full combatant command. CYBERCOM’s current commander agrees it’s time to do so.

  • Dunford plans to trim Joint Staff workforce after New Year

    Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says he plans to begin divesting the Joint Staff of some of its current responsibilities after the start of the new year.

  • Pentagon likely to request reforms to two major personnel laws

    Based on the work of two study groups, the Pentagon is likely to ask Congress to revise two key statutes underlying its personnel management system for military officers: the Goldwater-Nichols Act and the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act.

  • 30 years after Goldwater-Nichols, Senate eyes another DoD reorganization

    Nearly 30 years after Congress passed the largest reform in Defense Department’s history via the Goldwater-Nichols Act, the Senate on Tuesday reopened the topic of Pentagon organization in what may turn into another multi-year process of study and legislating over how the world’s largest military force is managed.

  • McCain says it’s time for wholesale reexamination of Goldwater-Nichols Act

    The annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Congress sent to President Barack Obama on Tuesday contains nearly 100 separate provisions intended to reform the Defense Department’s acquisition system. But that’s just the start, say Capitol Hill’s top two Defense legislators.

  • Bill promotes jointness among national security agencies

    Congressmen Skelton and Davis say legislation would apply the lessons learned from Goldwater-Nichols Act to more than 13 agencies to help promote collaboration and understanding of each other’s roles. The bill calls for a two-year detail for each senior official to learn how other national security agencies work.