Government Accountability and Transparency Board

  • DISA will amend ENCORE III contract after successful industry protests

    The Defense Department will revise its final request for bids in a massive information technology services contract known as ENCORE III following months of industry complaints.

  • Agencies get 2017 deadline to move to new procurement ID standard

    The Federal Acquisition Regulations Council issued a final rule Monday detailing the timeframe and steps agencies must take to begin using the Procurement Instrument Identification (PIID) numbering system. The PIID only is for new contracting actions after the effective date.

  • Timing, technology converge to better attack improper payments

    Over the last three years, agencies understood the problem better, improved how they tracked the information and used advanced data analysis tools to lower the governmentwide rate to 4.69 percent from 5.42 percent in 2009. While the amount of money improperly paid out hit a high of $125 billion in 2010, Danny Werfel, the Office of Management and Budget’s controller, expects it to drop for a second consecutive year, below the $115 billion mark in 2011.

  • White House reprioritizes online accountability

    The websites for the Fiddlin’ Foresters – the official U.S. Forest folk band – and one for desert tortoises are a couple of websites that could be on the chopping block in the White House efforts to cut wasteful spending.