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When it comes to cyber, NPPD says everyone knows it’s in charge. It just needs a name change

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DHS is putting the finishing touches on a new personnel system for its cyber workforce

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How agencies can start catching up to the moving goalposts of information security

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Greg Wilshusen: OPM making progress to ward off cyber threats

GAO’s Greg Wilshusen joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss a recent GAO progress report on how OPM is working through its cybersecurity challenges

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DHS issued two more Binding Operational Directives on cyber in final months of Obama term

The Department of Homeland Security told Congress Tuesday that it’s seeing significant dividends from a new legal authority Congress granted the department…

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The “fear” of being audited

What should you do when you learn your agency is being audited by the Government Accountability Office? Find out this week when host John Gilroy interviews Greg Wilshusen, director of Information Security Issues at the GAO. August 9, 2016

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