GSA Advantage

  • Two studies debunk ‘urban myths’ about GSA Advantage

    The Coalition for Government Procurement and the Naval Postgraduate School found agencies were getting better deals through GSA Advantage than through pilots using Amazon.

  • e-GSA: Creating opportunities through e-commerce

    Roger Waldron examines GSA’s unique opportunity to leverage e-commerce to increase best value deliverables, foster economic growth and expand federal customers’ access to commercial solutions.

  • A grand slam for the schedules

    Roger Waldron looks at how two agencies will further enhance the schedules to deliver best value commercial solutions to customer agencies through sound business opportunities for contractors.

  • Duplicating efforts to avoid duplication

    The Coalition for Government Procurement questions why federal agencies are pursuing initiatives that appear to be duplicative, rather than maximizing their spending through existing vehicles.

  • Urban Myths: Are GSA’s prices fair and reasonable?

    The results of a new study comparing GSA Advantage to Amazon Business may be surprising in light of the recent legislative activity and discussions surrounding online acquisition options for government.

  • Industry: Government’s ‘biggest buyer’ claim isn’t true

    The federal government’s claim to be the ‘world’s biggest customer’ is apparently rubbing a lot of vendors the wrong way.

  • All things contracting with Allen Federal

    Host Mark Amtower interviews government contract expert and consultant Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, on a variety of contracting issues. March 28, 2011 (Encore presentation April 28, 2011)

  • New GSA Advantage site makes finding products faster, easier

    The new government purchasing site rival Amazon in its usability, says GSA FAS’ Liz DelNegro.