health plan

  • Sleepwalking through open season — again

    The end of the federal health insurance open season is just days away but by now most people in the 30-plus plans and options have made their decision.

  • Top 5 reasons to shop for health insurance

    Does your bucket list include actively participating in the annual federal health insurance open season? Probably not.

  • FEHB’s 5-year rule

    You can’t be covered by any of the FEHBP plans unless you were enrolled in one — as in paying premiums — for the five years prior to retirement.

  • Overpaying for health insurance? Check the checklist

    Health premiums can be hefty. Yet with all the choices in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program there is no reason someone should pay more than necessary.

  • Let your health plan fund an IRA, pay your premiums

    Don’t be wedded to your current, traditional plan just because you’ve been with it for years.

  • Health plan choices driving you nuts? Shop at the office

    Suppose you had three weeks to make a decision that could have a make-or-break impact on both your health and your finances.

  • Health plan: How to avoid bankruptcy in 2020

    Unexpected things happen, and if that means a major medical emergency and you don’t have the right FEHB plan, you could be in big-time trouble.

  • Are you overpaying for health insurance? Probably

    If wasting a couple-thousand dollars next year is no big deal to you, you can skip this.

  • Medicare Part B and your health plan: Good idea?

    One of the key questions facing those eligible for Medicare is should they take part B and pay its premiums in addition to one of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program plans?

  • Sleepwalking through open season

    Uncle Sam will spend a small fortune over the next couple of months making it easier for 2.8 million government workers to get the best health plan next year for the fewest amount of premium dollars.