• With final HR policy rewrite, future annual viewpoint surveys are about to get shorter

    With the final release of the long-awaited federal HR policy rewrite, agencies will see shorter future Federal Employee Viewpoint Surveys and fewer human capital management reporting requirements.

  • Major rewrite of federal HR policies in final review

    OPM is expected to release a final rule in the next few months that would change how agencies use data to do workforce planning.

  • OPM expanding HRstat to help agencies parse workforce data

    In a memo to agency chief human capital officers, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta said eight additional agencies have signed on HRstat. The data-driven review sessions aim to help agencies better parse out HR data and trends and use them to assess their performance.

  • Tracking feds’ morale, changes to General Schedule part of 2015 budget plan

    The Obama administration is calling on agencies to get smarter about tracking employee morale and engagement. The administration plans to roll out an “engagement dashboard” this year that agency supervisors can use to track the mood of their workforces. It’s just one part of a planned overhaul of federal management called for in President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2015 budget blueprint. Other initiatives include a revamp of the General Schedule personnel system, real-time performance reviews of management efforts and enhanced training for senior executives.

  • OPM, OMB outline plans for major rewrite of HR policies

    A new memo from Acting OPM Director Elaine Kaplan details two main objectives and four focus areas for change. OPM and OMB want to eliminate 12 HR reports and consolidate four others.

  • Agencies turn to HRStat to make better sense of workforce data

    The Office of Personnel Management is doubling the number of departments to 16, taking part in data-driven reviews. The goal is to take the mounds of information available about an agency’s workforce and spot trends to help plan for the future.