ICX Media

  • How to judge a company‚Äôs real culture

    Michael Avon, founder and CEO of ICX Media and venture investor at ABS Capital, discusses how businesses can use mergers and acquisitions to grow, even in their early stages. Avon explains that a lot of working together is required to make sure any company with acquisition potential fits with and builds on the original company’s culture.

  • Unclear regulations are holding back startups

    Suzanne Rich Folsom, attorney and regulation expert; Richard Levick, founder public affairs firm Levick; and Michael Avon, founder of ICX Media, discuss the pitfalls politicians make in developing regulations. While some rules may help big businesses, some small startups are being left out in the cold.

  • DC is underdog media town: CEO

    While DC is probably not the obvious place to launch a media-related startup, the founder and CEO of ICX Media says he believes the region holds unique, untapped benefits.