Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board

  • Decade-old cookie policy under review

    OMB drafting new guidance to let agencies use function to better understand citizen Web behavior. Draft policy includes opt-in option.

  • New report gives suggestions for updating privacy law

    The government’s privacy law was written 35 years ago in 1974. A lot has changed since then. One group has made suggestions on updating that law. Ari Schwartz is Vice President and COO of the…

  • Teufel talks privacy policies and governance

    The emphasis on transparency is creating a convergence of privacy, security, and transparency policy. Former DHS Chief Privacy Officer Hugo Teufel told me about sorting out the three challenges, and striking the right balance among…

  • OMB details draft of new federal cookie policy

    Notice likely to be published in Monday’s federal register. White House wants comments on new rules.

  • OMB seeks right recipe for web cookie policy

    After more than 9 years, the Office of Management and Budget is about to revise its original policy banning the use of web cookies, or tracking software, on federal websites. The change is expected to help federal web managers better run their sites, and also offer the same kinds of user experiences now commonplace on commercial and private-sector websites.

  • Schmidt says cyber coordination on upswing

    White House cyber coordinator says using secure identity cards and working more closely with industry among his top short term priorities. He says a new strategy to secure online transactions also is on track for the President’s signature this fall. And he’s closely watching Capitol Hill as Senate lawmakers may be close to completing draft of consolidated cyber bill.

  • NIST’s Furlani to retire in early 2012

    Charles Romine has been selected to replace Furlani as the head of the NIST IT lab.

  • White House grading agency cyber progress

    Deputy secretaries now get quarterly scorecards on how their agency is meeting four IT security priorities, including continuous monitoring of agency networks and secure identity cards. Howard Schmidt, the White House cyber coordinator, said the goal is to increase accountability and make sure agencies are putting enough focus on these areas. Schmidt said he is also developing priorities for 2012, which includes getting cybersecurity legislation passed.

  • FedRAMP cloud policy in final review

    GSA’s Dave McClure said a flood of documents will come as soon as OMB signs off on the cloud security guidance. McClure said among the documents will be the application for third party companies to become FedRAMP accreditors of cloud products and services.

  • OMB alumni to suggest revisions to cyber section of A-130

    The group will create a white paper with recommendations this summer to modernize the 10-year-old policy. Among the areas they are looking at are continuous monitoring, cloud computing, shared services and the definition of a system. Updating A-130 will help agencies move from a ‘checklist’ mode to monitoring systems in real time for threats and vulnerabilities, said Frank Reeder, a former OMB official.