Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board

  • 3 reasons why CIOs will feel more heat in 2018

    Lawmakers on the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on IT are concerned that the IT modernization effort is losing momentum.

  • Agencies complete step one of DHS cyber directive, now comes the hard part

    The Homeland Security Department says agencies have 30 days to come up with a plan to remove Kaspersky Lab products from their networks.

  • How NIST can help close the cyber gap between CIOs and auditors

    In the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act, Congress told NIST to take a deep dive into how agencies understand and use the special publications and Federal Information Processing Standards for cybersecurity that it produces.

  • GSA brings in new deputy CIO; Air Force, VA promote from within

    Steve Grewal joined the General Services Administration as its new deputy chief information officer after spending the last four years at the Education Department.

  • OMB reaffirms cyber oversight role

    Grant Schneider, a federal cybersecurity adviser within OMB, said the new E-Gov Cyber Unit will play a key role in how the Office of Electronic Government and Information Technology analyzes agency progress in protecting their systems. DHS and GSA will award the second task order under the continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) program in the coming weeks, which will provide integration services with tools and the agencywide dashboards.

  • Leap Ahead program keeps DHS cyber offerings on cutting edge

    The Homeland Security Department has reviewed about 18 new or improved cybersecurity tools or technologies that may be added to the continuous diagnostics and mitigation program (CDM). John Streufert, the director of Federal Network Resilience at National Protection and Programs Directorate in DHS, said CDM is not delayed and on track to deliver results.

  • DHS finds classified cyber sharing program slow to take off

    The Enhanced Cybersecurity Services program has seen a lot of interest by vendors, but few have invested in accepting cyber threat data from the government. Meanwhile, the Cyber Information Sharing and Collection Program is growing through the two-way sharing of unclassified threat indicators.

  • First set of cloud providers to get cyber approval by Dec. 31

    FedRAMP is reviewing six applications from vendors and plans on awarding at least three with the authority to operate by the end of the year. GSA’s Kathy Conrad said a survey identified more than 80 opportunities for cloud services. GSA to hold FedRAMP webinar tomorrow.

  • Cyber progress fueled by agency brass recognition

    Six years after the Veterans Affairs data breach, civilian agency networks and computers are more secure. Current and former federal officials and cyber experts say from secretaries on down, the threat of a cyber attack and the impact on mission is well understood.

  • Cross-agency priorities give cyber an in with non-IT officials

    White House senior director for cybersecurity Andy Ozment said budget folks are getting a better understanding of why cybersecurity is important thanks to the administration’s high- priority governmentwide goals. NIST also is helping push the cross-agency goals forward from a technical perspective.