J. Russell George

  • IG for tax administration: don’t be a victim

    The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration issued a warning against becoming one of thousands of victims fooled by a phone scam that’s robbed $23 million from the pockets of taxpayers.

  • Budget constraints set to fix IRS having opposite effect, experts say

    The strict budget constraints placed on the Internal Revenue Service are crippling efforts to conduct the most basic levels of public service, said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

  • Post conference scandals, agencies struggle to find balance

    OMB reported agencies avoided spending $3 billion on travel and conferences in 2013 as compared to 2010. Senate lawmakers are concerned how to ensure agencies don’t slide back into old habits of lavish spending on conferences.

  • IRS struggling to tackle massive surge in identity theft

    Faced with declining resources, the Internal Revenue Service has diverted resources from elsewhere inside the agency to try and head off skyrocketing cases of identity theft stemming from tax refunds.

  • IRS urged to create IT skills inventory

    The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) recommends IRS’ chief technology officer create an “inventory list” with the skills needed for each IT position, as well as a process for evaluating an IT employee’s skills.

  • Federal agencies owe $14 million in unpaid taxes

    The $14 million owed to the U.S. treasury comes from money withheld from federal employees’ paychecks that was never turned over to the IRS, according to a new audit from the Treasury Inspector General For Tax Administration. The audit also reviewed whether the IRS made recommended changes following a similar audit five years ago.