Jacob Parcell

  • Mobile apps, services have changed so the government’s approach is too

    The General Services Administration is creating new special item numbers under its IT schedule to make it easier for agencies to buy mobile computing services.

  • Mobile Gov community pioneers federal approach to mobility

    Jacob Parcell and his Mobile Gov Community of Practice help agencies test mobile apps and websites on various devices, promote code sharing, and inform mobility policy.

  • Jacob Parcell: Government’s mobile app community 1,200 strong

    The federal government has an informal but large and active community of interest devoted to building and improving public-facing mobile apps. The community is 1,200 strong. Jacob Parcell, manager of mobile programs at the General Services Administration, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin what the community of interest works on.

  • Federal mobile apps lack standard security processes

    DHS, DISA and GSA are heading down similar but different paths to ensure mobile apps are secure before being allowed on devices or networks. NIST is developing voluntary guidelines to improve mobile software security based on work done in other industry sectors.