James Winnefeld

  • Retired Adm. James Winnefeld: Tactics for a changing military

    Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates once said that for too many Americans, military service is something for others to do — but a trend has been building ever since institution of the all-volunteer force. Enlistees come from a shrinking number of locations, and more and more come from families from which someone else has served. James Winnefeld, a Navy Admiral and former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss problems this may cause and some possible solutions.

  • Work: DoD to experience ‘trough’ of readiness as it resets force

    Robert Work, the new deputy defense secretary, told members of the House Armed Services Committee that the Defense Department will experience a two-year trough in readiness as it resets its force,

  • Senators urge about-face on new military retirement cuts

    Pentagon leaders expressed disappointment on Tuesday at the retiree cost of living cuts under the Ryan-Murray budget deal and urged Congress to repeal them. But officials also pressed lawmakers to wait for an independent study group’s conclusions before making more piecemeal changes to the military compensation system.

  • In Depth Show Blog – September 13, 2013

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  • DoD scrounges for cash to cancel civilian furloughs

    The Pentagon says no decisions have been made, but eliminating 2013 furloughs is at the top of the funding priority list if it can find any excess funds.

  • DoD getting down to brass tacks with 2014 sequestration cuts

    The military’s two top ranking officers said in a Senate confirmation hearing that the department has been working on the plan for the past two weeks and should complete it by October.

  • By year’s end, troops will be unable to respond to crises, Pentagon says

    Shortfalls in operating accounts would mean military units would be undertrained, underequipped and unable to deploy by the end of fiscal 2013, senior DoD officials predict.

  • Military plays rare game of musical chairs

    President Barack Obama announced Monday his intention to nominate Army Gen. Martin Dempsey as the next Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman. Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Rudy DeLeon talks with Federal News Radio.

  • More cooperation, preparation needed to combat disasters

    Navy Admiral James Winnefeld says the U.S. needs to do more to prepare for natural disasters